Best Gacha Neon Alternatives For Avatars & MiniGames – [2022 Tested]

Gacha Neon

Gacha Neon is an exciting and latest RPG that lets you design your very own anime character and customize them in any way imaginable. Developed by Lunime Inc., this game has everything from dresses for the perfect party look to weapons of destruction.

It is one of the most popular games on the market today, where you collect virtual items and then use them to buy things in the game. The game is designed to be addictive and fun, and it’s easy to see why so many people love it. 

However, if you ever feel the need to check out Gacha Neon apk alternatives for more features and enjoyment, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll present you with six popular games that work the same as Gacha games and provide the same level of enjoyment. Let’sLet’s begin.

6 Best Gacha Neon Alternatives – Gamer’s Pick

If you’re a Gacha game and anime fan, then you will love the following alternatives. These free animated games are packed with all the features that made the original so popular, but with a fresh coat of paint that gives them a very modern look. 

They include a huge variety of characters to collect, each with its own unique powers and abilities. You can also battle it out against other players in real-time battles, testing your skills to the fullest. So sit tight on the best gaming chairs and check out the following games.

1: Styledoll: 3D Avatar Maker

Styledoll: 3D is one of the latest avatar-creating games on the market, and it has already gained a considerable following among gamers and non-gamers alike. The game’s premise is simple: players create their own 3D avatar, which they can then dress up in various outfits and styles. 

Styledoll  3D Avatar Maker

There is also a wide range of customization options available, so players can really make their avatars their own. One thing that sets Styledoll apart from Gacha Neon 1.7 apk and other avatar-creating games is its focus on realistic proportions and proportions. 

Players can make their avatar skinny, curvy, or muscular. They can also add or remove different types of body piercings and tattoos. This attention to detail means that players can create avatars similar to themselves or anyone else they please.

In terms of gameplay, Styledoll offers a refreshing change of pace from games like Gacha Neon apk. Rather than relying on luck to get the clothes and accessories you want for your avatar, you can simply purchase them using in-game currency. This makes it much more straightforward to put together a great outfit for your character.

2: Pastel Friends: Dress Up Game

Pastel Friends is a new mobile game that has quickly gained popularity among fans of the genre. The game features colorful and cute graphics, as well as an interesting gameplay mechanic that allows players to collect and care for their own virtual pets. 

Pastel Friends as Gacha Neon Alternative

In contrast to Gacha Neon and many other games in the genre, Pastel Friends also offers a unique multiplayer mode. It allows players to interact with each other in real-time. In addition, the game features a wide variety of customization options, allowing players to create their own unique characters. 

It is an anime-style dress-up game where you can be a designer for your favorite characters. The single-player mode has only one goal, which is to see how well equipped with pastel colors and outfits to make them look absolutely fabulous! 

There are two exciting modes available such as DecorateFriends (for friends) or Avataara. So choose wisely before starting this journey through fashion history because it won’t be easy finding someone who’s got more than just their looks going onscreen.

3: Cartoon Craft

Gacha Neon mod and Cartoon Craft are two of the most popular mobile games out there. They both allow players to collect characters and use them in battles. However, there are some key differences that make Cartoon Craft the better one. For one, it has more detailed and unique graphics. 

Cartoon Craft as Gacha Neon Alternative

The characters in the game are also more expressive and well-animated. In addition, the battle system in Cartoon Craft is more strategic and user-friendly. Players have to carefully choose their team members and moves in order to win. 

It is an epic real-time strategy (RTS), allowing you to gather workers and use them for collecting gold or lumber while creating buildings that produce soldiers. You need all of this info in order to defeat your enemies with an army at hand. But it won’t be enough if they’re lined up against you first! 

You must choose whether to go after points by taking out each rival castle piece-by its own strength (slow). Or take advantage by attacking other villages nearby. It is riskier than simply waiting around and hopefully getting lucky.

4: PK XD: Explore the Universe and Play with Friends

PK XD is a social simulation game that allows you to explore the universe and play with friends. The game is better than the Gacha Neon download because it offers an open-world environment. You can challenge yourself with mini-games, claim your exclusive rewards and showcase them to your home. 


There are also more playable characters available in PK XD, and you can create your own using the character creator feature. The game also features cute pets, and each one offers a stunning appearance and abilities to use. You also have plenty of choices to become either a dragon, zombie, or even a witch.

5: Gachaverse (RPG and Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse is very similar to the Neon game. Both are anime dress-up games with gacha mechanics, but they have many differences. For one, Gachaverse has way more clothes and items. You can also change the color and pattern of each item, as well as the location of your character’s body. Even in Gacha Neon update 1.7, there are simply not as many customization options. 


Another big difference is that Gachaverse lets you make stories. You can choose from a list of pre-made scenes, or you can make your own custom scene. You can even add in your own dialogue and make the scene more interesting and enjoyable.

Finally, one last important distinction between the two games is that Gachaverse does not require an internet connection to play. So overall, while both Gachaverse and Neon are great games, Gachaverse is definitely the better choice if you’re looking for more customization options and story content.

6: Pocket Chibi: Anime Dress Up

Pocket Chibi is a free anime dress-up game that allows you to create your own Chibi characters. Unlike the Gacha Neon for ios and android, Pocket Chibi gives you a wide range of customization options. You get plenty of characters of your choice and get to customize their clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds and poses for your character. 

Pocket Chibi

Pocket Chibi also has a unique feature called the “Chibi Maker”, which allows you to create your character from scratch. This is a great feature for those who want to create their own unique chibi character with their sole imagination. 

The Pocket Chibi is the best Gacha Neon alternative because it offers many features and allows saving progress. This is a great feature for those who want to be able to go back and make changes to their character without having to start all over again. 

Wrapping Up

So, if you’re looking for some great Gacha Neon alternatives that will work well for your avatar and mini-game needs, check out any of the ones we’ve suggested above. They all offer a unique gaming experience that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. And best of all, they’re all free to download!

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