ImperialHal Apex Settings, Keybinds, and Video Settings(2022)

ImperialHal Apex Settings

One of the five members of Team SoloMid’s Apex team is ImperialHal. His real name is Philip Dosen who is not only a professional player but also a popular streamer. He can be found streaming on his Twitch channel often. A lot of people like to watch their favorite players play to adopt some of their skills and gaming style. When it comes to ImperialHal, if you want to see some high-end apex skills, his streams are worth your time. 

He has certainly won a lot of tournaments and playoffs, but people love to watch him because of his style and reactions while playing. Other than his gaming styles, people also wish to know ImperialHal apex settings. If you are one of them, this post can help you. We have come up with ImperialHal apex settings including his keybinds. 

Best Overall
Intel Core i9-10900K

  • 3.7 GHz Speed
  • Core i9
  • 20 MB Cache
Value For Money
BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

  • 24.5 Inches
  • 1920×1080 Pixels
  • 240 Hz Refresh Rate 
Premium Pick
Logitech G PRO X Gaming Mouse

  • SUPERLIGHT Wireless
  • USB
  • 8 Buttons

ImperialHal Apex Settings: Gameplay Settings

Intel Core i9-10900K Processor for ImperialHal Apex Settings

Starting with ImperialHal apex settings, he has kept it pretty minimal and has not changed much. He has kept most settings default. Check out his gameplay settings below. 

  • Obituaries: Off
  • Damage numbers: Stacking
  • Auto sprint: Off
  • Button hints: Off
  • Interact prompt style: compact
  • Crosshair damage feedback: off
  • Ping opacity: default
  • Auto sprint: Off
  • Jetpack control: Hold
  • Minimap rotation: Off
  • Double-tap sprint: Off
  • Incoming damage feedback: 3D
  • Weapon auto-cycle on empty: Off
  • Streamer mode: Off
  • The club invites: enabled
  • Performance display: On
  • Anonymous Mode: enable
  • Crafting menu: Off
  • Usage sharing: enable
  • Hop-up pop-up: On

ImperialHal Apex Settings: Video Settings

BenQ XL2546K Monitor for ImperialHal Apex Settings

ImperialHal, even if he is not streaming, likes to keep all the things at a minimum. Like any other FPS game, ImperialHal also needs considerable frame rates for Apex. This may not be as intense as other games like Valorant but it is a must to have a decent frame rate. Moreover, when it comes to Apex Legends, it works fine with low graphics as well. Another thing that we admire about his settings is the NVIDIA reflex. This feature helps get rid of the latency issues and also, makes sure that the frame rates do not get stuck. Below we have listed all the Video settings. 

  • Brightness: 65%
  • Field of View scaling: disable
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Display mode: Fullscreen
  • Field of view: 110
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • NVIDIA reflex: enable+ boost
  • V sync: Disable
  • Sun shadow coverage: Low
  • Dynamic spot shadow: disable
  • Anti-aliasing: none
  • Adaptive resolution: 0
  • Spot shadow detail: Low
  • Texture filtering: Anisotropic 16x
  • Texture streaming budget: low
  • Model detail: Low
  • Ragdolls: Low
  • Effects detail: Low
  • Impact marks: disable
  • Ambient Occlusion quality: disable

ImperialHal Apex Settings: Mouse Settings

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse

So, here are the ImperialHal mouse settings. 

  • Mouse acceleration: Off
  • Lighting effects: Off
  • ADS multiplier: 1.0
  • DPI: 400
  • Mouse sensitivity: 2.0
  • Hz: 1000
  • Mouse invert: Off

ImperialHal Apex Settings: Keybinds

Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard

From the list below, you can conclude that he prefers not to use his controller for the game. But, he uses a combination of mouse and keyboard. This is the common method that most players use. The main reason behind this is that it is precise and gives enough options for movement. 

He has kept the keys pretty default and changed some settings near his movement keys. Check out the complete list of ImperialHal Apex keybinds below. 

  • Move right: D
  • Move forward: W
  • Interact: E
  • Move left: A
  • Move backwards: S
  • Crouch hold: Left Ctrl
  • Crouch toggle: C
  • Jump: space
  • Sprint: Left shift
  • Alternate interact: X
  • Ultimate ability: Z
  • Tactical ability: Q
  • Map: M
  • Inventory: I
  • Melee: V
  • Equip weapon 2: 2
  • Grenade: G
  • Reload: R
  • Fire mode: B
  • Equip weapon 1: 1
  • Holster weapon: 3
  • Survival item: left alt
  • Character utility: H
  • Shield cell: 7
  • Medkit: 6
  • Phoenix kit: 9
  • Syringe: 5
  • Health kit: 4
  • Shield battery: 8
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ImperialHal Apex Settings: Accessibility Settings

So,  the last on the list is the imperial hall accessibility settings. These are the extra settings he configures to make his game smooth. 

  • Subtitle size: Normal
  • Convert incoming voice chat to chat: Off
  • Enable accessibility Chat feature: Off
  • Subtitles: Off
  • Color-blind mode: off
  • Play incoming text as speech: Off

Winding Up

Well, you need to practice like him also if you wish to play like ImperialHal. But, knowing ImperialHal apex settings is the first step to it. Hopefully, the article will help you.

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