S1mple Crosshair Bio, Career, and, CS: GO Settings


Aleksandr Sasha Kostyliev aka S1mple crosshair is a popular professional esports player. He is a full-time esports player popular amongst gamers for his gaming style. S1mple crosshair is a twenty-three-year-old professional player with a strong grasp of the gamer’s world. He is quite an influencer for players of his age. Down the road of gaming, he has been a part of various teams around the globe. 

S1mple crosshair played as an integral part of many popular teams such as courage gaming, flipsid3, Hellraisers, and many more such teams. However, right now he has joined the team Natus Vincere for his current gaming events.

S1mple Crosshair Bio

S1mple crosshair, originally named Aleksandr by his parents, is a full-time professional player. Born on October 2nd 1997, he showed interest in gaming and sports from the initial years of his life. Born and brought up in Ukraine, he is now playing as a part of a well-known team named Natus Vincere as their AWplayer. 

As far as his personal life is observed, he is well settled and very close to his family. Also, he co-owns a restaurant along with his brother. All in all, he is a family man. However, there is no such personal life information available about his life. 


S1mple Crosshair Career

Initially, the gaming craze of S1mple crosshair was limited to CS: GO with his brother. After some time, he got hinged on this game and started playing tournaments where they entered as duos. However, after a while in the year 2013, he became a professional CS: Go player and started playing as a part of a team. These teams changed with time, hence, with time gaming became a full-time profession for this teenager. 

The next stop on his success journey was when he switched his team from the Initial one to team Courage in 2014. After he joined the team as their player, the team participated in a tournament and won with his efforts. After this, performance was appreciated by many professional gamers of CS: Go. Afterwards, he changed his team again to hell raisers and another. However, his success graph took a dip when he was banned from gaming as a result of charges against cheating. Although this hit him hard, he managed to get through the ban period and returned to the gaming world in 2016.

Now, he is playing as a part of team Navi and dropped out of college for this. After dropping out of college he decided to shift his gaming career from part-time to full time and hence, became a professional full-time player. He currently lives in Ukraine and operates his gaming career from there only. After attaining a good face value in the gaming world, he became the well-known player usually called the s1mple crosshair by his fans and other critics. 

S1mple Crosshair Net Worth

The net worth of this professional esports player includes the money he receives as a part of a professional team, the income generated off his twitch channel, and many more finances and funding he receives from his fans over twitch. 

S1mple Crosshair CS: Go Settings

Following are different settings of the mouse, keyboard, and other appliances made by the s1mple crosshair while gaming. 

Mouse settings

Listed are the mouse settings made by s1mple crosshair while playing CS: Go

  • Hz- 1000
  • Windows sensitivity- 6
  • Mouse acceleration -off
  • Sensitivity-3. 09
  • DPI-400
  • eDIPI- 1236
  • Zoom sensitivity-1
  • Raw input -on

Video settings

Certain video settings made by the S1mple crosshair during the gaming sessions are listed as

  • Brightness- 130
  • Shadow detail- low
  • Display mode- fullScreen
  • Colour mode- monitor
  • Shadow quality-low
  • Model detail-low
  • Effect detail-low
  • Texture streaming- disable
  • Multicore rendering- Enable
  • Multisampling anti aliasing mode- 3x MSAA
  • FXAA Anti-aliasing- disabled
  • Filtering mode- Bilinear
  • Motion blur- disable
  • Use uber shaders- enable
  • Triple monitor mode- disable
  • Vertical sync- disable
  • Boost player contrast- Disable
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Monitor settings

All the monitor settings made by S1mpler crosshair during streaming and gaming to ensure clarity in streaming include

  • Texture Quality- 4:3
  • Scaling mode –stretched
  • Resolution- 1280x 1080
  • Hz-240

All the up listed settings are made by S1mpler crosshair during streaming on his twitch channel. 


Wrapping it up, S1mple crosshair is one of the most influential and rapidly growing professional esports players. He has made his success through various platforms and completely because of his hard work and talent for the game.

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