Best TKL Keyboard for Gamers [2022 List]

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For all the tech savvy people around the globe, best TKL keyboard for gamers are one of the trending topics to talk about. TKL is an abbreviation used for tenkeyless keyboards. A tenkeyless keyboard is a new form of keyboard that comes without the key panel usually present on the right hand side corner of the keyboard. Mostly, the gaming keyboards come in the form of TKL keyboards. 

However, the gaming and non-gaming keyboards come in TKL forms. The major reason why gamers and users are moving towards the enhanced use of TKL keyboards is that it takes up lesser space on their desks. Also, it makes the keyboard shorter and hence, handier than ever. However, the other group, such as accountants, data analysts, etc. Still prefer the old fashioned keyboard as their tasks include numerical insertion via keyboard. Hence, the right-hand keypad for numbers is preferred. 

Best Overall

Steelseries Apex M750 RGB

  • 4.8GHz Speed
  • Zen 3 Architecture
  • High Performance
Value For Money

Drevo 84- Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard

    • 4.4 GHz Speed
    • LED Prism Cooler
  • Increased Bandwidth
Premium Pick

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S RGB

  • 5GHz Speed
  • Intel Optane Memory
  • Faster Boot Time

3 Best TKL Keyboards for Gamers: Our Top Picks

Once you understand what is a tkl keyboard, the next question that arises is which one to choose. Below is the list of some popular and efficient best TKL keyboard for gamers in the market. 


Steelseries Apex M750 RGB, Tenkeyless keyboard


This TKL keyboard lies in the top mechanical TKL keyboards available in the market. It is mostly preferred by gamers and hence, is famous amongst the gaming section. The major feature of this TKL keyboard is that it is lightweight and hence it becomes more portable as compared to other keyboards. Also, just like another Tenkeyless keyboard, it is compact and can fit in your bags easily. 


Its features such as RGB lighting, compact design, fully programmable keys make it a fit as a Gaming keyboard. 


  • Durable and long-lasting layout
  • Efficient and stylish design


  • Limited lighting 
  • Not beneficial for typers

Drevo 84- Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard

Drevo 84- Key Gramr Mechanical Keyboard

This tenkeyless keyboard is well suited for gamers who are much more tech-savvy while playing. This keyboard gives them a compact, advanced, and comfortable keyboard option. It is one of the most advanced TKL keyboards available. 


Features such as compact structure and comfortable design make this keyboard stand in the best. It comes with boasts keys for the gamers involved in distant gaming. Also, it offers a 24 roll key over. However, the design is advanced, the looks of this keyboard are kept old school. It comes with a black and white backlit for the gamers giving it a classy look. 


  • Affordable 
  • Suitable design for professional gamers


  • ABS plastic caps for keys
  • Limited switches available
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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S RGB Mechanical

This TKL keyboard is for professional gamers. Along with a powerful look, the keyboard has a lot to offer. It offers the efficiency of the gamers in design and amazing performance. The backlighting of this keyboard is kept stylish with no flashing light yet giving it a strong show. However, there are different lighting modes present for the users to select from. 


Along with the keyboard, the gamers receive an attachable USB chord. The design makes the keyboard a bit heavy yet highly efficient. For the professional gamers who need the best, this keyboard comes with an advanced processor of Cortex M3 kind. 


  • Comes with detachable chords
  • Used without the drivers


  • Little over the price
  • The software can be updated

Logitech G Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech is popular amongst gamers for providing a full kit for their amazing gaming experience. Just like other appliances, the Logitech G pro tenkeyless keyboard is liked by professional gamers as it provides style with efficiency. It offers the light back lightening giving it a stable and classy look. 


This TKL keyboard comes with fast running features such as the former G-switch which makes it not only faster but also more efficient. It is one of the most durable TKL keyboards available in the market. It also offers rubber supports at the bottom for stability during heated games. 


  • Highly programmable design
  • A sleek, compact and organised look


  • ABS caps come with small shot caps
  • Lighting does not cover the whole key or keycap


TKL keyboards are the advancements in the keyboard world that provide the keyboards with a new, refined, compact and efficient design. There are many available options for gamers to select the best suitable TKL keyboard for their gaming device. 

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