Best AM4 Motherboard in 2021

Best AM4 Motherboard in 2021

AM4  motherboards are the best-selling type of motherboard in the gaming world in 2021. AM4 motherboards are suitable for gamers who wish to continue the use of AM4 sockets for gaming motherboards. AMD offers a huge range of advanced, efficient, and worthy AM4 motherboards for regular PC and gaming PC. 

Motherboards are the basic building components of any pc and hence, as a gamer, you will have to ensure that you select the best one for the most efficient performance. You have to pay a lot of attention to the trending and the list of best AM4 Motherboard 2021.

Best AM4 Motherboards 2021 to Buy

AMD offers a huge series of Am4 motherboards containing components that suit all. Ranging from basic motherboards to advanced AM4 gaming motherboards, AMD covers a lot. However, below are some of the best AM4 motherboards 2021 along with their specifications

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F AM4 motherboard

This motherboard is one of the most suited AM4 motherboards for gamers and gaming devices. Supports all the AMD CPU configurations including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. It is an ATX kind of motherboard that comes with an AMD B450 chipset for efficient and fast usage. It provides an HDMI port along with a USB port for providing higher connectivity options. Also, it comes with a warranty of 3 years. 

Another impeccable feature loved by the gamers is that it works with 16 GPUs and PCIe. It is one of the most suitable options available in the market from ASUS. 


  • Availability of different expansion slots 
  • Performer for a gaming setup


  • Price can be reduced further
  • Needs larger space to be installed hence fails in compact situations. 

Gigabyte B450 AM4 motherboard


This brand is preferred by the gamers who choose to play safe and wish to invest at a lower price than other motherboards. Gigabyte offers all the good qualities at a low price and with the trust of gamers. One of the most appreciated and preferred AM4 motherboards by gigabyte is the Gigabyte DS3H motherboard. This motherboard supports the two most used Gen Ryzen CPUs i.e. the 1st and 2nd  generation. However, this motherboard also supports the other attached iGPU interfaces and provides motherboard support to all variants. 

This motherboard is compact and can be installed in a smaller space. It comes under the category of micro ATX motherboards. It arrives with a 4 slot drive which provides greater accessibility. You can also take advantage of external connectivity with different ports of USB. The motherboard also allows you to do a bit of styling by customizing your RGB Lighting using advanced technology. Thus, for the gamers looking for looks along with quality, this is it. 


  • External and Internal ports allow the high-speed connectivity
  • RAM speed supported by this motherboard is impeccable


  • Lacks in performance for compact build
  • Does not support the higher generation of Ryzen CPUs
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MSI AMD X 470 AM4 Motherboard


This MSI motherboard is different from the league. It supports the Ryzen generation up to the 3rd generation but also it allows the users to install Ryzen 5000 along with the motherboard. This provides a different and extra edge to the performance of a gaming device. Not only this, but the MSI AMD X 470 AM4 Motherboard also offers an extra memory setup making a total of 64 GB to the gamers as it allows the overclocking feature to the gamers making it easier to use. 

One of the most important features is that this motherboard allows you to connect other GPUs along with the usual ones. It comes with 6 PCIe added with gen 3 expansion slots for increasing the connectivity. For the stylish gamers out there, this motherboard allows you to personalize the RGB lighting according to your requirements. You can now get efficiency and speed with style. 


  •  Best featured AM4 Motherboard
  • Offers RAM overclocking up to 4133 MHz


  • Fails to install in small or compact space
  • Supports Ryzen generation up to 3rd generation only


AM4 socket motherboards are one of the most trending gaming components. It is widely used by users to notch up their gaming setup. There are plenty of options available for the gamers to select from the list of best AM4 Motherboard 2021. Therefore, pay attention to the specifications and match them with your requirements before you make a decision. 

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