How To Watch Virtual Reality On Samsung Smart Tv

Samsung have been at the forefront of technology for a long time now. They have now entered into the world of virtual reality (VR) and created a range of great devices. They are going to give you an incredible experience and a huge amount of fun.

It’s not just with the headsets that are going to allow you to have a great experience with VR. You can also send the pictures to your Samsung Smart TV. This will allow everyone else to see what it is you’re marveling at.

What you’ll need

The first thing you’ll need for the viewing is a compatible phone and headset. This will allow the device to communicate with the TV in order to show you the pictures you need. You’ll need a compatible app too, as well as a Chromecast when using Android devices. After this, you would obviously need a television and a good internet connection.

How to get connected

Connection to a TV is fairly simple. Once you know what you’re going, you’re going to be able to hook it up in a matter of seconds. The first step is to ensure that the devices are all connected to the same WiFi network.

When using a Chromecast, you will also need to install the Google Home app. If you have already used your Chromecast, then it’s going to be likely that you will already have this ready to go.

From that point, the app is very easy to use. Select the ‘cast screen/audio’ button from the app to get it connected to your Samsung TV. The image on the screen won’t be an exact replica of the VR experience but people are able to see what is going on.

Set up is quite straight forward and you’ll soon be enjoying the VR experience with your friends. There is going to be an increased amount of VR content, so it’s best to get it started straight away.

Enjoy your VR experience


People may be wondering why you’d want to put the images from a VR headset on your television. If you are playing games then it could just be that people want to follow the action. Gamers have been watching other screens for a long time and this is simply an extension of that.

If you are watching virtual porn from a company such as BaDoinkVR, then you are probably not going to want anyone else to see. VR allows people to explore reality a lot differently.

There is also the simple nature of curiosity. If you’ve seen someone wearing a VR headset you always want to know what they are watching. Linking it up can get everyone involved rather than risking anyone becoming bored. Sharing a VR experience with friends or partners and be a fun experience. There are many great times to be shared and being able to show the action on screen will only make it more enjoyable.

As we have seen here, thankfully the set-up is easy. If you’re unsure then it’s best to get everything sorted as soon as you can to avoid frustrating delays. Once set up, then you are going to love everyone joining in on what you’re watching, whatever that might be.

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