A lot of non-profit organizations try to get free web hosting. After all, shouldn’t you be entitled to it as one? It is possible to get free hosting, but it’s a lot of trouble. Read on to find out why.

Material World

The world of hosting is very much material, and this is reflected in the fact that few companies offer free hosting anymore. It’s generally poor quality when they do. Most hosting companies that offer NPOs free hosting give an account with support or a very limited account. Moreover, free hosting servers often overflow with spammy sites. The free accounts include very little bandwidth. If you choose to use the services of a company like this, you risk having it disappear without a trace, taking your files and site with it, never to be seen again!

OK, so how much does it cost then?

You may find it worthwhile to pay a bit for hosting to avoid unnecessary hassles. These hassles take focus away from the organization and its goals, which are more important than saving a few bucks a month. Your time is better spent on the company than arguing with hosting providers.

One option that many NPOs recommend is Bluehost, whose hosting for non-profits costs $2.95/month. This is an extremely affordable option. The hosting quality is not bad either. It’s business-class to say the very least. What is more, there’s no need to waste time trying to find free hosting or scrounge up a deal.

One company that does offer free hosting to nonprofits with generally little issues and few hassles is DreamHost. DreamHost is a reputable, mainstream hosting company. On the downside, their web panel can be very confusing, leading some companies to terminate their agreements with the provider.

The Bottom Line

Most hosting providers today offer very affordable rates, so looking for free hosting simply isn’t worth the trouble. You’ll waste a lot of time looking for deals and most likely end up with a limited plan and poor quality hosting. The best approach to take is to pay a few dollars per month and turn your attention to your non-profit and its goals. Only then can you say you’re really doing something to help people with your organization – if all your thoughts and efforts are focused on it. You need a quality site that will inspire trust.